Portal RV Resort

Portal RV Resort, 1261 North Highway 191 Moab, Utah 84532portal

Portal is a true Luxury RV resort, yet offers a beautiful desert environment.  Located in Moab, the park boasts “more National Parks, State Parks and other major attractions within a 200 mile radius of Moab than any other location in Utah”.  A perfect staging point for off-roaders, Portal combines it’s full list of amenities with a unique blend of Utah’s Canyonlands and the Colorado River.  There are age limitations (for the RVs, not the people) so check out their rules and regulations before reserving.

Phone:  (435) 259-6108

OUR RATING:  9.0*   ($$$)  Portal RV Resort

  • Rating based on trusted input and available data.  Many thanks for the user submittal from Tiffin RV Network  member!