Winchester Bay RV Resort

Winchester Bay RV Resort, 120 Marina Way, Winchester Bay, OR 97647

Along Oregon’s Pacific shoreline, about 90 miles SW of Eugene, lies Winchester Bay RV Resort.  This park is a real find for fisherman, but it’s not lacking in appeal for the RVer just looking for an oasis along the coast.  With 138 well-landscaped sites, they are big-rig friendly, offer most amenities (no pool or spa, but most else) and have a really great atmosphere.  The location is A-1, and easily accessible from either the North (US-101 along the Ocean) or from the East (OR-38 from I-5).  Both are very scenic.  I think I’m partial to OR-38, even though it’s undergoing quite a bit of roadwork right now, (Sept 2018) with some potential delays, but it’s really got a lot of charm.  Although there is no shortage of RV parks around Winchester Bay, overall, this park is several cuts above the others in the area. 

One caveat:  This place can be really hard to book during crabbing season, unless you allow enough time.  Even a year out may not be enough, depending on rig-size, etc.

Phone:  541-271-0287   

OUR RATING:  8.0   ($$$)    Winchester Bay RV Resort