Crooked River Ranch RV Park – 1475 SW Hays Rd, Terrebonne, Oregon 97760

Just 30 miles north of Bend, Oregon, just off the US-97, and maybe halfway down the canyon, lies an RV and Golf resort that is a real find! 18 classic holes of golf, and an RV destination worth checking out!

Crooked River sports a lot more than golf and RV. Suffice it to say you really need to check out their website:

Carlie and I joined a very special group of RV friends/co-owners here for several days this summer, and I must tell you we will be back! All you need do is look around at the beauty in this canyon to get why I’m so enthused. Do this one, friends!

OUR RATING: 9.0 ($$)

Overall views….. consistently stunning…