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8/25/2016:  If you saw our update page 2, you already know we were planning a trip up the Pacific Coast, following US-101, and back.  Well, we’re back!  So, it’s time I gave you a review of the sights, parks, etc.  Hope you enjoy!

8/9/2016:  From our home in the Sacramento Area, we set off for the Ocean, specifically Petaluma, California.  Here, the Petaluma KOA served as our first night accommodation.  We hooked up as quickly as possible, and set off with our friends for a scheduled pick-up and tasting at  Gamba Winery in Windsor, just to the North up US-101.  Gamba is noted for producing 2 to 3 consistently fabulous Zinfandels each year.  (They are a must, if you don’t already know…)  We were quite comfortable at this park, but it falls short of exceptional, based on our standards for this site..  Still, in that area, we’ve found nothing better.


8/10/2016:  We were off early the next day, about 160 miles up US-101 to Garberville, and Benbow RV. Perhaps the best part about a stop at Benbow is the Historic Benbow Inn, just through the walking tunnel under the US-101!  We did dinner on their patio…what a hit!  You may expect to find a new featured park in the California listings.  The overall experience is that good!


Historic Benbow Inn


8/11/2016:  Next morning we left California continuing up the US-101 to Gold Beach, Oregon.  Turtle Rock Resort was our stop here, and worthy of the two nights we spent.  The park is situated at the south base of a bridge on the US-101, just entering Gold Beach.  A big plus for this park is a footpath that takes you directly (about 100 yards, some of it rocky) to the beach, the Pacific Ocean, right at the ‘Turtle Rock’!  It’s kinda special…On our extra day, we visited the Myrtlewood Grove!  Myrtlewood is a rare, slow-growing tree whose wood can be turned into a variety of useful and decorative pieces. Found only in a small area along the Pacific Coast, Myrtlewood trees have been known to reach heights of 150 feet.  After 100 years, a Myrtlewood tree may have become large enough for commercial purposes. Craftsmen produce these artifacts from Myrtlewood at a variety of small workshops and a few large ones on the Oregon Coast.  To visit the grove, follow these instructions:  From Gold Beach, take Highway 101 north through town. Just before the Historic Bridge over the Rogue River turn right on Jerrys Flat Road / Road#33.  Follow Road#33 south towards China Flat and Agness. Myrtle Grove C.G. is about 8 miles, (near milepost#55).  I know it’s a lot of detail, but the grove is worth it.  It’s open to all, and you may just be the only folks there!


Oregon’s largest Myrtlewood tree.

turtle rock

Turtle Rock -100 yard walk!







8/13/2016:  Our journey today to Newport, and Pacific Shores MotorCoach Resort, is about 181 miles up the US-101.  Oregon’s Pacific Coast really begins to take on a dramatic look on this leg.  You’ll pass through valleys, (watch for elk!) follow narrow winding roads through virtual rain forests, and cling to cliffs  along the Pacific Ocean.  It’s a little dicey at times, but that’s part of the plan, hence it’s short duration.  We also experienced some brief delays for road work, but nothing difficult or prolonged.  Once there, you’ll note immediately that this resort is a class act.  The registration process allowed us to drive right up to the entry gate where they will have all the info on our stay.  (they were actually expecting us!)  In only moments, we are on our way to an area used exclusively for dropping your towed vehicle.  From there, they ushered us to our pull-in sights looking out over the Pacific Ocean.  Wow!  While our initial experience included some fog over the water, it was very comfortable (August, remember) and as the day wore on, the fog burned off.  This place really has it all, with about 250 Luxury motorcoach sites.  For my money, the 20 or so sites directly on the cliffs above the Pacific are the way to go.  They are a bit more windy, maybe cooler as well, from the on-shore breezes, but there is just something about the ocean.  All sites are privately owned, so there are noticeable differences in each.  The small town of Newport is literally filled with fun shops, (Carlie’s opinion) bars, restaurants, etc.  This park is already included in our Oregon parks listings, as well it should be!

Pacific shores 1

Our windshield, from the site, Pacific Shores!

My Carlie, beach access in font of our rig

My Carlie, beach access in font of our rig








8/15/2016:  Today it’s 209 miles up US-101 to Hoquiam, Washington.   Along the way, we’ll take the opportunity to visit the Tillamook Cheese Factory.  If you are going right by, don’t miss it!  Hoquiam is considered to be in Grays Harbor, the gateway to the Olympic Peninsula!  Hoquiam River RV Park is 75 sites, all unpaved.  Features here may be a little sparse, (no pool or spa,) but Wifi, Cable, full hookups, and 50 amps.  However, what they lack in amenities is mostly made up for in serenity.  The Hoquiam River is right at the edge of the park, and the scenic walkway along the bank is absolutely beautiful!  If you stop here, and don’t take in the river, you may well be disappointed.   This was a one-night stay for this trip, but I will not likely forget that river.

Hoquiam River - edge of the park!

Hoquiam River – edge of the park!


Take a walk along the river…


Carlie and me at Tillamook


You can’t miss it!







8/16/2016:  Back on the US-101 North on our way to Sequim, Washington, and the furthest we will be headed on this trip before returning.  This piece was a short 132 miles.  Here our home will be GILGAL Oasis RV Park  This park is something of an anomaly.  Seldom have we found parks of this size (it’s pretty small, about 25 spaces) to be so perfectly planned and operated.  Very neat and clean, level paved pads, friendly, etc.  We can honestly say this park is a keeper, one we will be adding to our “Good As It Gets” list.  The location is perfect too, as here, you are an easy drive to all the ferry terminals necessary to explore the San Juan Islands.  This was our ‘destination’, and a fun-filled three days, now it’s time we start the journey back!


The ferry in the San Juan Islands!







8/19/2016:  Our plan is to stay on US-101, as it loops eastward and down, re-joining itself back along the Pacific Coast.  Continuing south, it’s a 217 mile trip to Cannon Beach, Oregon.  Here we hooked up at Cannon Beach RV Resort.  As this was only scheduled to be a one-night stay, we really weren’t expecting anything special, but were truly delighted to find a nice wooded park, and an exceptional site, plus easy-access fuel pumps right in the park!  (The price was even right!)  Maybe it’s just me, but I think this is an amenity that could really catch on!


This was really a nice site!







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