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8/20/2016:  It’s sort of a winding 192 mile jaunt down the coast to Lakeside, Oregon, but the view (no fog today!) was outstanding.  Here we stayed at North Lake RV Resort & Marina.  (they had a web link when I made my reservations, but it doesn’t seem to be working now??) North Lake Resort  This park is located on a nice lake, with most amenities, and near  town if you need anything.  Perfectly adequate, not memorable.


8/21/2016:  A short drive south along the Pacific Coast and through some giant redwoods we find our next stop, Crescent City K.O.A.  Here we will spend 2 nights, and some quality time admiring the Giant Redwoods.  The 17-acre park is nestled in a pretty dense (10-acres) redwood grove.  A bit short on some of the usual KOA amenities, (no pool or spa, etc.) the park makes up for with the trees!  Overall, a great experience.


Makes the rigs look small!








8/23/2016:  Today we deviate from our “Coastal” habit, and head east out of Crescent City to I-5, then south to Hornbrook, Ca.  Its about 150 miles from the Pacific Ocean, but we really wanted to check out Blue Heron RV .  What brought us here was it’s beautiful Klamath river location.  If you take a gander at their website you will see what I mean.  Fantastic, right.  Maybe….  A recent death in the owners family has taken a toll on what promised to be a really neat destination.  The onsite restaurant has closed.  The road getting to the park is a few miles (that’s right, miles) of potholes.  It can be done, but it’s no picnic.  What is still worth considering is that the river has not changed, it probably isn’t hard to get reservations, and there are a couple of very friendly horses you will be sharing your experience with.  Was fun, really.  If you are there for the river, and some serenity, you may still want to consider it….


Our friend’s puppy gets his first encounter with a horse…









8/24/2016:  And we are off again, due south to Anderson, California and JGW RV Park.  This place is one of our regular stops when traveling through from Oregon and beyond.  Located on a beautiful stretch of the Sacramento River, it can be about as serene as it gets!  (pun intended).  Our travel day was short, (about 124 miles) leaving us a long afternoon to relax by the river.


Carlie likes the river!


8/25/2016:  We are off for home base!  Our little jaunt covered 1987 miles, 17 days, 11 parks.  Some better than others, for sure, but all memorable!  Thanks to all for following our progress!


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