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We recently returned from 2 months in Palm Desert, our annual effort to sun-drink-eat-swim and generally enjoy some of the finest friends you could ask for while indulging yourself in the RV lifestyle!  More on that whole party later, for now, I need to catch my followers up on a more recent trip to Pismo Beach:

The Adult Spa!


4/8/2017:  We opted for an early start on this, a Saturday, in order to allow ample time for wine tasting at Tobin James Winery  one of our very favorite wine clubs!  To do this from the Sacramento area, head south on the I-5 and West onto I-46 toward Paso Robles.  It’s about 5 hours, total.  We like to stay at Wine Country RV – Paso Robles   This place is, by far, the premier RV Resort in the area.  They are included in GoodAsItGetsRV.com for good reason, check them out! 

Oh, yeah…they have the coolest Adults-Only spa ever!    


4/9/2017:  No need for early rising today, our drive is less than an hour!  We’ll leave Paso Robles heading south on I-101.  Our target in Pismo Beach is Pismo Sands RV Resort and a first time for us at this park.  The park is mid-size, about 135 paved sites, mostly pull-through.  I can’t say the sites are roomy, most are “rick-racked” with hookups centered between two opposing coaches.  It works, with decent front-yard areas, but the hook-up sides can be almost too close to use.  On the back side, our window awnings were within 12″ of the next coach, which (fortunately) happened to have no slide on our side.  Overall, it is

View from Mr Rick’s

a comfortable park, friendly staff, all amenities, etc., and probably the best we have encountered in our limited (three) trips to Pismo.  We stayed 5 days, and spent several truly relaxing afternoons at Mr Ricks – Avila Beach .  This place is just across from the beach in Avila (404 Front St.) and offers The Beach, Bikinis, Booze, and maybe the best Fish & Chips Carlie has ever found.  Just plain perfect, when all you want is to indulge!  Avila is about 15 min north of Pismo.  Do it!




4/14/2017:  We left Pismo later than we might if we were to head straight home, opting instead to check out a park we had visited some years ago, The Lakes RV & Golf Resort in Chowchilla, CA.  This park made for a very doable waypoint, and gave us the opportunity to check it out for our little website!  (We were impressed by everything they offer, and it’s now in our park listings for California) 

The Lakes RV Resort


I can tell you the two teenagers traveling with Dean & Trisha (our dear friends and touring partners) got a real great kick out of the golf course and the spa!  We will be back, maybe for an extra day, next time?



6/8/2017:  I’m a bit ahead of myself, but I wanted to let our readers know what we have on the agenda real soon!  The purpose of this next trip is two-fold, to visit with our friends Dave & MJ (fellow Tiffin owners we see each winter in Palm Desert),  at Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort in Newport Oregon.  This is a first class resort, limited to Class ‘A’ coaches.  It’s not as snooty as that may sound, but it is what it is.  The big draw for me is that you can literally park your coach looking out the windshield at the Pacific Ocean!   The town of Newport is just plain fun, and there is plenty to do and see. 

Our other purpose is Eugene, Oregon.  After about a week of wonderful in Newport, we’ll bid a fond farewell to our Pacific Shores friends and head to Eugene where we’ll be visiting our dear family friend Judy, and our RV buddies Gene and Jodell! (more besties from our Palm Desert outings)

While Newport and Eugene are for sure our major purpose in this road trip, there are interesting parks planned in between.  From the start point, on our way up the valley from Sacramento, we’ll first stop at Durango RV Resort in Red Bluff.  This is a really clean, neat, upscale park.  It’s going to be a perfect stop for us, as we are heading out about mid-day. 

Next morning it’s off to Holiday RV Park in Phoenix, Oregon.  This park is currently on my must-see list for possible inclusion on the site.  (Exciting, huh?)  From there, it’s off to Newport, as I detailed above. 

Once back in Eugene, we will check out Deerwood RV Park.  This too, is a park I’m interested in for this site.  we’ll spend several days here.

Our last on-the-road park will be Friendly RV Park in Weed, California.  This park too is of interest, primarily for remarkable views of Mt Shasta!  One night here, and we are back down I-5 to the Sacramento Area.

That’s the trip.  All told, about 1175 miles, 2-weeks.  I hope you will check out my update once the experience is complete!  Chao!




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