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We enjoyed a nice end-site..

5/22/2017 :  If you just came from page 5, this entry will seem a bit out of order.  We stuck a quick trip to Carmel, California in right here (people will do that…) so please forgive.  The trip we have planned for June to Oregon will be found in correct date order.  

Leaving our home base in the Sacramento Area, it’s an easy 226 mile drive south on I-5 then west on 156 at Santa Nella.  Carmel by the River RV Park is located off the road to Carmel Valley, about 4.5 miles East of Highway 1.  This park is what you may call a “Find”.  Touted as “Monterey Penisula’s Best Kept Secret” it really is set apart from the norm.  Please read my comments on the park in my post: HERE   The area where the RV park sits is literally in Carmel Valley’s wine country.  If you are at all into wine, you must check the wineries out.  It’s well worth your time!



Durango has a great pool and clubhouse!

6/12/2017:  As promised, we are off to Oregon for some seashore and visits to friends.  We boarded the ‘Playbus’ and headed north on the I-5 a short 146 miles to Red Bluff and Durango RV Resort, one of our favorite stops in Northern California.  This is an intentionally easy run, letting us leave at a comfortable time from our Sacramento Area home, and still have a cocktail before the dinner hour.  If you aren’t yet familiar with this park, check their website at the link.   This park is included in our blog and earned a 9.0 Rating!  It is a bargain!



6/13/2017:  Today we leave Red Bluff on our way north (173 miles up the I-5) to Phoenix, Oregon.  This will be another 1-night visit, and we picked Holiday RV Park.  This  is a perfectly adequate park although nothing special.  Friendly folks, pull-thrus, (a bit tight) asphalt pads (pretty level), reasonably priced, and right off the freeway.  (some noise here)


6/14/2017:  And we are off early on a 266 mile jaunt to Newport, Oregon!  Along the way, we meet up (on purpose) with our friends (and next-door neighbors for this park) Dave & MJ Conkle, from Weed, California.  Newport is a quaint fishing village, and a great place for seafood!  Our home while here, (been here before) is the Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort, one of our very favorite parks.  It’s upscale, (Class-A & C, 25′ and longer only) right on the Ocean (I watched whales seated in my drivers’ seat-see pic below!) and has about everything you might want.  The sites vary some, as it’s an ownership property where you can rent.  A big benefit to that is you can check out the site and it’s location in the park, etc. when you reserve (you might want to reserve kinda early during summer season) and can expect to get the site you rented!  We love this place!  We were here for a week this time, with minor rain only one day.  It can, however, get breezy here, particularly in the Ocean-Front areas.   All told, we enjoyed a wonderful week of Seafood, shopping, and whale watching with our friends Dave & MJ (and their dog Cassie!).  Thanks, guys!


A typical ocean-front site..

My whale watching post…

A nice interior site…

The whale watching was Epic!







Life is good…

Carlie, the Conkles & Cassie

Dave & MJ Conkle








Dinner at the Offord’s (ccw from right) My Carlie, Jo Dell, Judy & Gene.

Grass everywhere, and very roomy…that’s Deerwood RV Park!

In a word…spectacular! King Estate Winery!

6/21/2017:  After a week of merriment in Newport, we’re headed back inland to Eugene, Oregon.  We’ll be spending 4 days here, mostly visiting friends, eating, wine tasting, and generally enjoying the freedom the RV lifestyle.  Our home while here will be Deerwood RV Park on the south side of Eugene, just off the I-5 freeway.  It’s a relatively small park (75 sites), but long on pastoral beauty and atmosphere.  It’s also well suited location-wise to our friends in Springfield and the hills of western Eugene.  You can check the park out at the link above, or on our blog review,  HERE.  Our RV friends Gene & Jo Dell Offord (Eugene) took us wine tasting (and a great dinner) at King Estate Winery, just west of Eugene.  I can tell you without fear of exaggeration, this place has great wine, and great food!  Plus, the Offords are just the best!  Our Springfield friend is Judy McGowne.  “Jude” was kind enough to show us Eugene’s downtown, and some really neat haunts!  We ended up doing King Estates again, with Judy, and it was still great!  Although she’s not an RVer (yet), we’ve spent some wonderful times together in Oregon, California, Puerto Rico, and St Maarten.  She is priceless!

6/21/2017: And, we’re back on the I-5 headed home.  Not much to mention about this link, just a one-nighter at Friendly RV Park in Weed, California, (244 easy miles)  then it’s off to home, just 242 miles.  That’s the trip, you’ll undoubtedly notice we don’t do long drive days, we just don’t  need that stress!




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