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8/22/2018:   We planned for a mid-morning start, with our first night’s encampment just 272 miles up California’s I-5 from our home base in the Sacramento area.  We had some concerns on this trip about the fires (multiple) in the Redding are and above, and although the air was thick with smoke (see the picture of the houseboat, off the ‘Bridge Bay’ bridge), that lasted from Williams all the way to Yreka, our RV park planned.  Yreka RV Park  is a common stopover for us.  Clean, very roomy and neat, kinda sparse amenities. (no pool or spa, gravel roads and pads, few trees…) but very friendly, good hookups, easy in and out, just off the I-5.  When here, we always take the toad (out little Fiat) into town for Mexican food, (Casa Ramos) which is close by, inexpensive, and very good!  

8/23/2018:   We chose to leave early (no reason not to, and we want to be in Eugene early…) although our journey is only about 212 miles, so…..   The smoke followed us north across the Oregon border, and didn’t really diminish much until somewhere around Canyonville (home of Seven Feathers RV Resort , one of our very favorite parks!) which we passed this trip in favor of going thru to Eugene.  Our home in Eugene for four days will be Deerwood RV Park , another of our go-to parks.  Please see our reviews if you plan to check them out! 

The reason for our 4-days here is to visit several dear friends.  My initial thought was that they were too numerous to mention here, but, like I said, they are all dear friends, so,here goes:  

Dean & Trish Rusciolelli.  Our ‘Besties’ from Folsom (near are home in the Sacramento area.)  We have shared boating, RVing, and travels all over, for perhaps 15 years.  Priceless friends!  

Gene & Jodell Offord.  These two have been close RV buddies for about 5 years.  Really fun people, and a must visit when near Eugene.

Judie McGowan.  Judie too, goes back several years.  Our friendship with her began with her relationship to Trish Rusciolelli (Stepmom) and she has done several trips with us and the Rusciolellis.  It is her Daughter’s wedding that is the focus of our trip, hence the reason for the Rusciolellis presence.  (they where hoteling it this time, no RV)

As you might guess from this list, it was a very busy, and fun four days!


Our favorite Deerwood site!

Deerwood has a great “open’ feeling’!

Carlie found Eugene’s Voo Doo Donut shop!

The streets of Eugene. A really pretty place!

The houseboat. Gotta look close!








8/27/2018:   We left somewhat later today, having said our goodbyes to all our friends yesterday, and since we had but 88 miles to go, no rush!   We will be taking the I-5 south, then OR-32 to get to Winchester Bay.  This route is really delightful, a nice road surface and very scenic.   The other way we could go takes just a bit longer, over to the Coast, then down US-101.  It too, is beautiful.  We hadn’t yet been on OR-32, so…..   Winchester Bay is a very small Ocean town, quaint, cool and breezy.  Just what we ordered!  Shopping here is a little limited, but there is a somewhat larger town, Reedsport, just down the road.  We will be here just four days, (we tried to extend, but couldn’t make that happen) hooked up near our good friends Dave & MJ Concle, from Weed, CA.  The park, Winchester Bay RV Resort , is stunning, particularly for such s small harbor town as this.  Dave comes here for about a month each year for crabbing, which he loves.  Having tasted of his catch, I’m not surprised!  We had a great time, great food, (thanks, Dave & MJ!) and really enjoyed the cooler weather!


23 Crabs!

Dave is tireless!

Everybody shucks!

Crab cocktails ala Conkle!

The Marina from our windshield.

Winchester RV Resort






Shortly after we left, Dave landed this great Coho Salmon! Pretty cool!










8/31/2018:  We say goodbye to our friends the Conkles and head for home, with a stop once again at Yreka RV.   Today was uneventful with the singular exception of a really neat Elk sighting.  About 8 miles East on OR-32, there is an Elk preserve that the road passes by.  There are places to pull out, but we are in the Playbus, pulling Our Poco (the Fiat) so, no stopping possible.  We did see Elk, and managed to get a phone picture on the run, but it’s not good.  I’m including it, below, but please forgive the quality…


The bull is on the left, his harem to the right…








9/1/2018:   From Yreka to home in the Sacramento Valley is sort of a breeze, having done this part so many times.  We were pleased to find the smoke from California’s wildfires had diminished, albeit not gone by any means.  I think it was almost two more weeks before the air was back to breathable.   All told, another really enjoyable RV experience!




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