Purple Slice

purple slice

Carlie and I have been using the Purple Slice product for about 8 years.  Initially we were impressed with the simple solution it provides for a waxed finish look and feel to your vehicle’s surface.  As the makers state, it’s a professional detailed look in just one step.  Over time we have expanded our use of Purple Slice to include not just our motorhome, boat, & cars, but also tubs and showers (eliminates scum build-up), RV toilet bowls and balls (keeps them smooth and clean), windshields and front-ends (The bugs just hose off), and as a light-duty cleaner when you don’t want to risk surface damage.  This is a product we have really come to believe in.

The principle product line looks like this:

Purple Slice:  The one-step cleaner and wax detailing wizard

Wet Wet:  Aerosol dressing for renewing the appearance of rubber and oxidized surfaces

Better Leather:  Renews leather & vinyl upholstery

Ultimate Cleaner:  High-Impact cleaner for miserable jobs

Carnuba Wax:  For a long-lasting paste-wax finish

Purple Slice ‘Claybar’:  You professional body folks know what these are for

All-Metal Polish:  Takes the sweat out of making aluminum look like chrome

Check their stuff out here:    Website      It’s worth your time!    Hayes

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