RV-Friendly Links

Let’s develop a list of helpful websites for RVers!

GASBUDDY  An easy guide to the best fuel prices Nationwide.  Use the Map feature to lead you right to the savings!

PURPLE SLICE  This product is also covered in “Products of Interest”, but it’s a big time saver, so….

THE TIFFIN RV NETWORK  A very dedicated and professional site for Tiffin Owners and/or enthusiasts.  Really complete!

THE RV REPAIR CLUB  These guys have it all together.   And, if you’re like me, you want all the resources you can get!

NATIONAL PARK SERVICE  There is simply no better value anywhere in the USA!  If you are 62 or over, buy the ‘Senior Pass’!  I know it’s gotten a bit more expensive since I got mine (I think now its $80) , but I’m convinced you’ll find it a great value.  A single pass covers you and everyone in your vehicle!  Never expires!  Sure, everybody knows…but I have spoken to many who did not!

HELP US RV 1  This is a fairly new site, focused initially on Kansas and part of Oklahoma, with plans to expand that territory.  It’s intent is to answer RV questions on a multitude of topics.  Looks to be well thought-out, easy to use, and helpful.  Check it out!  

CONSUMERSADVOCATE.ORG/RV-INSURANCE The organization behind this link is of a much larger scope, offering help and answers to consumers in many areas including insurance. The RV-specific link shown above is a really well-researched and thoughtful tool for RVers of all kinds. Check it out for yourself!

http://CAMPERLIO.COM is a friendly helping hand for RVers and potential RVers. Here you will find access to rentals, step-by-step help with pesky problems, and more. This site is administered by RVers, for RVers. I think you’ll like it!

NOTE: At this writing the site is still somewhat early in it’s development, but there’s a lot of great stuff now, and you’ll see a lot to expect in the future!

Know of a website that saves you time or money?  Please leave a comment!

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