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Tiffin Factory Visit – April, 2017

We know many of our readers are Tiffin owners, and as such, are aware of the Tiffin factory in Red Bay, Alabama.  One such couple are our dear friends Ron & Carolyn Filpi.  They decided they wanted a larger refrigerator in their late-model 40′ Allegro Bus, and made the trip from their home in Central California to Red Bay to have it installed!  (2200 miles, by shortest route….not sure HOW far it was the way they went!)  They brought back detailed support literature and pictures and are allowing me to use them for this ‘Special Events’ report.  Many thanks Ron and Carolyn!

Tiffin’s coach factory and service facility is located at 105 2nd St NW, Red Bay, AL. 35582.  Their paint and windshield facility is about 6 miles northwest in Belmont, MS.  From what Ron & Carolyn tell me, both plants are well worth the visit!  Tiffin reportedly employs over 1300.  As Red Bay’s population is approx. 3200, you can see what Tiffin means to the local economy!

Here, some photos from the Red Bay Plant:

Early Tiffin??

Lots to see…

Cabinet Shop

A very busy place..

Cabinetry is a BIG deal!

Wood inventory

A lot of small parts…

Keeping the air clean…

Bare Chassis

Part of the tour…

I’ll bet feels strange..

Put the slides in…

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