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  1. Hi Hayes! I met you in Crescent City KOA. I finally figured it out! Thank you for all your help. Check out our travels too.

    We’re in central Washington right now, tomorrow…IDAHO!

    • Hi, Linda! So glad you got your issue resolved. Really enjoyed chatting with you at Crescent City KOA. You may be certain I will check out! Keep blogging!

  2. Hello Hayes & Carlie!! We live in the same neighborhood and also own an RV. We’ve often thought of stopping by to ask you guys where you like to travel in your beautiful RV. It’s nice to get referrals from someone who has experience the parks firsthand. We are not retired yet, but we try to take the RV out as much as possible. Thanks for posting all this great information!! We’ve stayed at some of the same resorts & totally agree with your assessments of them.

    • Hi Tracy! Thanks so much for your comments! I hope you will stop by by, we would love to meet you! Hayes

  3. Hi Hayes and Carlie,

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    Our team recently created a guide to help individuals navigate the RV insurance industry. I figured it would make sense to reach out to you after seeing the resources you offer your community on the “RV-Friendly Links” of your website.

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    Here is our research:

    Would our guide be a beneficial resource on your “RV-Friendly Links” page for your community?

    Thank you so much for your time – I look forward to hearing what you think!

    Very respectfully,

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